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Welcome to My Real Estate Blog!

I am new to blogging, but it is my goal to use this to communicate with people everywhere about all things real estate. The magic of the internet makes it possible! I believe that there is magic all around us – especially in real estate. I have personally experienced how real estate can change lives. With real estate, one can change where they live, how they live, how they work. Real estate is a multifaceted industry with many working parts. I want to help people understand how those parts fit together so that everyone can use the magic of real estate to change lives for the better!

My Real Estate Background:

I have been involved in the industry for almost 14 years. I got my start working in a title company, which eventually parlayed into owning and running my own title company for 5 years. As a title professional, I processed, closed and funded thousands of transactions. To keep my closing skills sharp, I now act as an independent closing agent for area title companies. I have worked as a Realtor for 9 years, 3 of which I have owned and managed Abode Real Estate, LLC. My husband and I also manage personal rental properties and take on the occasional fix-n-flip.

I love being a Realtor! Every single day is different, just like every house is different and every client is different. For instance, Saturday, Jake and I started our day at an auction in hopes of acquiring a new project to flip. As I write this blog today, I am waiting for an oil change to be completed, after which, I will go to a closing for a lender as a closing agent. Tomorrow, I will be attending a neat networking event.

I hope you find the upcoming posts informative and helpful. If you have any comments or suggestions for future topics, I am all ears! Til next time, keep your eyes open for the magic all around you.

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How Do I Prepare My Home for Showings?

There are many important pieces that go into making home showings successful. Here are some ways to get the most bang for your showing!

Ensure a Good First Impression

Homebuyers make up their minds about a property in the first few minutes. Make sure your home makes that vital first impression. New paint does wonders. Make sure the front yard is flawless with manicured lawns and attractive foliage. Add a hanging basket or some flower pots at the door. The front door is also critical, make sure the hardware is presentable.

Make them Feel Welcome

Don’t forget buying a home is in many ways an emotional decision, so it’s important to give buyers that warm and fuzzy feeling! Keep the temperature in the home at a comfortable level. Light some candles in the bathrooms and make sure it smells nice and clean. Have fresh flowers around the house.

But don’t make it too personal

Make them feel welcome, but don’t go too far. Too much personality, for example in the form of personal possessions and family photos makes it hard for buyers to visualize living in the space.

Clear out the Clutter

Make sure your property is clutter-free for all your viewings. This will make your home look and feel bigger, and the buyers will be able to imagine how they could make the space their own. Make sure that there is a clean, logical flow through the home by getting rid of all excess furniture. Less is more.

Improve Lighting

This is another way to make your home seem more spacious. Open all your curtains and flood the space with natural light. Make sure the darker rooms are also lit. Invest in some light fixtures and fittings, and place them strategically to illuminate even the gloomiest of areas.

Decorate to Sell That House

Slap on a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color to give it that blank canvas look but do not be too sterile. Have some contrast in the trim as well as the ceiling. Neutral colors make properties appear lighter and brighter, so take advantage of this inexpensive and easy option to make great first impressions during your showings. You may also add color with decorative window coverings, rugs, and towels. Do be sure, however, to depersonalize the space.

Clean Up Your Act

Your home should be spotless. Make sure the beds are made and the countertops are free of clutter before showings. The dishes should be put away and nothing should be scattered on the floor. Don’t forget to tidy your garden too: Cut the shrubs back, sweep the patio, and wipe down the backyard furniture.

Those Minor Repairs You Put Off

It is easy to forget things such as broken doorknobs, cracked tiles, holes in walls and damaged but buyers will notice them first thing as they are walking around your home during showings.

Maximize Your Space

The golden rule of selling is to make your space look and feel bigger and better than what your competitors have to offer. We’ve already mentioned that lighting your home, both naturally and artificially, can maximize your assets, but getting rid of bulky furniture can also be a great way of making the most of what you have. Large pieces of furniture make a space feel smaller, so put these items into storage and dress your home with more compact pieces. During showings, this helps buyers more easily picture themselves in the space.

Don’t Forget Your Floors

Make the investment of improving and investing in those floors. Worn carpets and damaged vinyl floors need to be replaced, and wooden floors especially should undergo some maintenance. This is not cheap by any means, but the prospect of selling your home for the best possible price will likely outweigh the cost.

Remove Pets During Showings

You do not need to remind the potential buyer that the previous owner kept pets.

Try to remove your pets from your home during showings the home. Having a pet in the house or yard can create complications for agents showing the house. It also puts your pet at risk of accidentally getting out during a showing, not to mention additional stress for your pet and potential liability issues. All pet-related damage should be repaired prior showings. Make sure to also remove all odors and stains. Consider investing in an ozone machine to clear any pet scents in the home. New visitors will notice smells when they come to view the house. This is not something you want to happen. Have your carpet and floors professionally cleaned or replaced. Pick up any messes in the backyard and have any sod replaced and other damage repaired.

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